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Just move ya' body!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Hey Warrior hey!!

*cues #Beyonce song Move your body!

Movement is a quick and easy way to support your self-healing. It helps to release stagnant energy, blockages, and tension within the body. There are so many types of movement that one can connect to; walking, dancing, exercising, yoga, #hulahooping, etc. Movement can release dopamine and happy endorphins to the body. I will share a few of my favorite types of movement.

#HulaHoop I started this journey in 2019 with no previous experience. In fact, I don't even recall touching a hula hoop as a child lol This movement helps to boost my energy, confidence, and mood. It's definitely a way to get mind-body-soul fit. I will dive deeper into how Hula Hooping is great for self-healing because as you may know by now this is my top fav!

#Yoga A practice of mindfulness. Yoga postures are not primarily for the body, but to benefit the development of the mind and spirit. This system places emphasis on the control of the breath in order to move and circulate life force. There are so many different styles of yoga to choose from. As I mentioned before, yoga helped to transform my life for the better. It helped me so much that I became certified to teach it that same year so that I may help others. Check out my quick and beginner-friendly 10 minute yoga flow:

#Dancing When you get into a dance, you are bringing more abunDANCE to your life. I'm sure you have heard that famous saying dance as if no one is watching. Don't put so much time into thinking that you look silly or what others are saying. Put on your favorite tune and just dance!

Adding purposeful movement to your daily routine can be life-changing. Set your intentions, create a goal, and go for it! I always recommend starting at 15 mins and then working your way up. Do you have a favorite movement therapy? Let me know what your favorite is or if you will try something new!

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Let's Relax.Connect.Elevate


Lauren Danielle

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