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How can I heal with sound?

Sounds have the ability to penetrate animate and inanimate objects. You can never underestimate the power of sacred healing sounds. As a sound therapist, I have personally seen sound do some powerful things! Whether it be through copper singing bowls or the sound of your voice. Let's talk about a few ways to heal through sound!

I think we all can agree that music can definitely help to bring healing to the greater good. There are all types of genres and they each serve a purpose. For me, listening to R & B, throwback songs, and gospel easily brings healing to my spirit. I have a list of songs that I listen to almost daily because the energy of the songs is motivational, uplifting, and fun. #Meditation music helps to keep me grounded and focused. Youtube is my go-to for frequency tunes. There's literally a tone out there for anything.

Did you know that the sound of your voice can easily bring self-healing? Changing the way you speak about yourself is a powerful tool. Your body is literally listening. #Speak life and #gratitude to your organs for being in their best state. Redirect your negative thoughts by speaking positive ones. Create a list of I AM statements and say that in the rising or before bed. Really use the most powerful thing God gave you; which was here from the #beginning of the world.


Another favorite!!! I have developed a true love for sound bowls. The benefits are never-ending. Not only does it help to bring healing to your individual energy, but it can bring healing to an entire room. If you don't personally own a sound bowl yet, you can check out my free sound therapy sessions on Youtube and on Insight Timer.

Join others as we apply these simple, quick, and effective techniques to jumpstart our health! Take the HealThy Self challenge. Begins August 1st!



Lauren Danielle

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