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Rooted in Wealth

“Minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right.” ― Stephen Richards

What comes to mind when you hear the word wealth? Most people immediately think of money. I used to think that way too and sometimes it still comes to mind because of old paradigms that were created. Wealth is SOOOOO much more than that.

When you are truly wealthy, we experience an eternal peace that money can't buy. True wealth is to be experienced on a mental, physical, spiritual, relational, and financial level. These are the 5 pillars that I'm finding to be the true stability for a life of wealth. I am creating new paradigms to recognize that I'm worthy to be wealthy in it all.

  1. Mental- Mentally, I have been saying daily affirmations to keep my thoughts high and develop my faith muscle. I do my best to write out what I call healing sentences daily. This has been helping me with my forgiveness work and healing my gut.

  2. Physical- Physically, I have engaging more in activities to boost my immune system and overall health. I am actively participating in conscious and intuitive eating. Some of my daily tasks for success is to do yoga, rebound, and hula hoop.

  3. Spiritual- Spiritually, I have been spending the first one to two hours of my day in gratitude, meditation, prayer, setting intentions for the day, and journaling. This is helping me to continue to grow my relationship with the Most High God and my Spirit team (Angels & Ancestors of the highest vibrations). My spiritual gifts and talents has been able to continue to show up and flourish as well.

  4. Relational- Relationally, I have been able to surround myself with like-minded beings that are shaping new paradigms for their life. The development of this aspect has given me space to recognize mutually beneficial relationships and seeing people for who they really are. I have been doing more of speaking what I feel and showing my love for others more.

  5. Financial- Financially, I'm rewriting a new story about money. I am on the path to financial freedom using money as a tool to do what I want and more. I WILL BE THE FIRST MILLIONAIRE IN MY FAMILY. I have been introduced to a new financial investment that WILL make this dream a reality. It's already done!

I am so happy and grateful NOW that these are a few ways of how I'm being rooted in wealth. Now I want to ask you again, what does wealth mean to you?

Join me next week for another SOulFLECTION Sunday!

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Peace, Love, & Vibes SO DIVINE.

-Lauren Danielle

Stress and anxiety levels are at an all time high for many. Our goal is support others in investing in their mind+body+spirit well-being to alleviate these current conditions. Schedule your FREE holisti-care strategy session here
How we may support you on your journey?!

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