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Lauren Danielle (The Hula Empress) first got the idea on her 35th birthday in March 2021 while going to
celebrate with some hoop fun at Beltline Park in Atlanta,GA . 50 complete strangers stopped
by just to hula hoop with her and everyone had a BLAST! At that moment, The Hula
Empress knew it was her purpose work to bring smiles to faces and joy to hearts
worldwide. The Hula Empress kept going to that same park to bring more fun to the
people and eventually took it on the road to 7 different states to impact more people.
She has hula hooped with over 1,500 people

The Hula Heal Dance Tour is a free Mental Health and Wellness initiative.. This is a one-woman show and The Hula Empress needs your help! We are seeking funding to support in hiring tour staff, lodging, event presentation, marketing, transportation, media, hula hoop supplies; all things that will continue to support us in making a global impact of fun!

Join us in making a difference! Your generous support can help us bring more smiles to faces and joy to hearts. Donate today and become a catalyst for healing impact. All donations amounts are welcome.  Thank you so much in advance!

Please check out our campaign to learn more: 2024 #HULAHEALDANCETOUR Hula Hoop Tour | IFundWomen

Let's #hulahealdance!

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