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Your asking requires ACTion! #divinemessage

Prayer for me has shifted over time especially when I learned more about meditation. To me, prayer is asking and/or having a conversation with God. For a long time, I would get too wrapped up in what prayer/meditation looks like. Honestly, it doesn't look like's just what it is. Sometimes prayer doesn't involve verbally speaking. Tears are liquid prayers too and dear God I have had my share of those lol. Meditation is reciprocal to those prayerful questions or conversations. Be still and know that your prayers are heard and In divine timing, what shall be, shall be received.

I will share with you one of my daily prayers. 'Most High God, Creator, Source -show me what to do, show me where to go, tell me what to say and to whom. Allow me to be a reflection of you in every space that I enter.'

Whatever you may be going through Warrior...Pray your way to it and through it.

Trust what you hear.

Believe what you see.

If you smell BS, it probably is.

Taste the sweetness of what can be.

Feel from your heart.

God gave us 5 senses for a reason.

Use them! Greatness awaits you, Warrior.

Oh and one more thing...

You've been praying for something 'Different'...this may be your sign.

Join us August 1st-14th and take the #accountability challenge which we will all walk together hand in hand. Get your early bird ticket now!

Peace, Love, and Vibes SOulDIVINE,

Lauren Danielle

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