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Get your Water up to heal up!!

Water is an element that is cleansing. You can use water to transmute any unwanted energy. You may have heard of the experiment conducted by Dr. Emoto. Our body is made up of 80% water, therefore we have the ability to do the same and shift the energy to a positive vibration. You may also note that the Bible references water in several scriptures. It's because water has the energetic capability to purify and restore.

During a recent 14 day detox, I focused on drinking as much water as I can daily and telling my water what I want it to do through prayer and affirmations. I received this idea from a dear friend of mine, and I often do this activity especially when detoxing. It's very affirming! If you are looking to increase your water intake, set a small goal. Try to drink your water every hour if possible.

Being near water is healing in general. When I'm in Atlanta, I love to visit parks with waterfalls. The sound of the water brings an instant healing over me. I sometimes plan to do quick drop in visits for a minimum 15 minutes, but I almost ALWAYS end up staying longer lol. Beaches are another favorite place. On my birthday this year, I had the opportunity of visiting St Pete's beach in FL. It was over a year and my spirit was like FINALLY. lol It was so peaceful and much needed. If you can't get near water, purchase a small water fountain for your home.

I have found that cold water helps to bring healing to my body Whether it be by submerging my hands in a sink, wetting a wash cloth and applying cold compresses to the neck and face, or taking a cold shower! It helps to regulate the organs in the body and to bring alertness. During my detox, I have been taking cold showers in the rising and hot showers before bed.

Another enjoyable water experience is booking a sensory deprivation session.This is a pitch-black, light-proof, soundproof environment in a form of a tank, or pod. The body is submerged in tons of Epsom salt which makes the body lightweight. When I do this experience, I imagine that I'm being rebirthed in the womb. This is a must-do detoxing experience!

Go find some water Warrior!! Until then enjoy my FREE Water Release Meditation

Are you ready for a journey full of self-love, self-care, and healing?

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Peace, Love, and Vibes SOulDIVINE

Lauren Danielle

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