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When the SHIFT happens, SH!T happens. LITERALLY.

Your gut and your emotions are a two-way street. They both have the potential to negatively affect one another, so addressing the state of your mental health -- not just the food you eat -- is incredibly important. -Lee Holmes

For a couple of months, I had a blockage in my intestines. I could literally feel the blockage in the lower right quadrant of my intestines. I had frequent constipation, bloating, and fatigue. There were even a few times in which I had to go the emergency room because I would experience excruciating pain. The results would always come back that I was extremely constipated. Sheesh.

I was so frustrated with myself. I felt like I was eating the best I could, that I was doing everything "right". There were moments of shame that I felt because I would tell myself, "How can you be a healer, if you can't heal yourself?" Because I know healing is a continual process, I began to go within and find the root cause.

Constipation: Incomplete releasing. Holding on to garbage of the past. Guilt over the past. Sometimes stinginess. -Louis Hay

Disease is when the body is at DIS-EASE. It's trying to tell you something. Like an internal alarm. I became familiar with Louis Hay's teachings of spiritual/emotional connections to dis-ease. I started researching spiritual inclinations of constipation. Sure enough, it was revealed to me that this is why I was going through this. I started saying the affirmations daily while utilzing the bathroom. I did this for a few weeks, but had little to no change. THEN, I did something more impactful to help relieve this condition.....

I began to SPEAK and FORGIVE. I spoke my truth and stood up for myself for once. Because it was so much going on during this time, I don't remember exactly what it was that I addressed. I'm just here to tell you, the next day, my GOD the next day. WHEW!! This may be TMI, but it must be said. I have NEVER had a bowel movement like that in my life. (insert shocked emoji) lol! I FREED myself.

In my new book A Journey to Well-being, I speak on a few things to support one in releasing so that you can welcome in the new. Check it out here!

I say all of this to say. Whatever physical condition you may be experiencing, take a look at it from all aspects. What are you holding on to? What do you need to release? What do you need detox in your life? There are an array of holistic services/products to support you in your journey. Need my support. Contact me for a consultation!

Thank you for tuning in to this Soul-flection reading. Drop something in the comments if this resonates with you!

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