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Weight gain & loss naturally

Have you heard the saying that people gain weight when they get married because they are cooking all the time? Well mine was the opposite.🙃

Most people would say, ain't nothing was wrong with you. I wish I was your weight. I wouldn't wish this unhealthy weight on anybody!


This was the beginning of my Wellness journey. I was stressed from stepping into a new life as a Wife and Step Mother. I was depressed because life wasn't going as I thought it would be. I was afraid to speak my truth and was heavily concerned of what people would say about me. So I suffered through unhealthy patterns.

One day, I said enough is enough! I started my wellness journey with yoga. Then I realized this was my purpose work to support others in their journey!!


If this is you, know that it can change. This is what mind-body-spirit detoxing can do for you. Save this post as PROOF and reminder. 🙌🏿💥🤸🏿‍♀️


Drop 🙃 below if you've ever experienced stress and unhealthy weight gain. You are not alone.💜

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