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Meditate to Elevate!

Many people are challenged by this form of mindfulness because there is usually energy of perfection attached to it. If you could move past this, meditation definitely can bring self-healing. Meditation is a practice to bring yourself back to YOU (to the Source). If you can quiet yourself long enough, you'll find peace there.

I want to encourage you to set a goal to meditate for 5 minutes and progress the length over time. There are all types of meditation too: water, sound, walking, journaling, music, crystal, guided etc. Typically, I find the best times to meditate to be in the rising or before retiring to bed. You have to see what style resonates with you, so go ahead and try a few!

Oh btw, I have FREE guided sound meditations on my Youtube and Insight Timer. Check them out!

If you haven't noticed, these are a series of HealTHY techniques so be sure to go back to see the first tip! Comment below and let me know if you are new to meditation or what has been your experience with meditation.



Much Love,

Lauren Danielle

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