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Be your HealTHY self with food!

Peace Warrior!

If you are new to SOulDIVINE, you may not have heard my story of how I brought self-healing to myself through energy and movement (which is the foundation of SOulDIVINE).

2016 was the beginning of my healing journey. I was very depressed, losing my hair, and I gained excessive weight. I was looking for a way out so I decided to try yoga. After attending yoga for a few sessions, I discovered that the way out was to go within. After much dedication to my self-healing, I was able to pull myself out of that dark space.

2019, I was going through yet another dark time. I was newly divorced, a new stressed-out full-time entrepreneur, and I battled an unknown 1.5 year ailment. One day, I saw a beautiful woman that looked so happy and free hula hooping that I expressed that I wanted to feel and look that way too. I invested into the hulahoop course and from Day 1, the rest became Hula Hoop history! Once again, I was looking for a way out and that way out was within.

The food we eat is so vital to our health. Food is literally medicine. I was able to bring my thyroid back into balance through the type of food I was eating. The doctor wanted me to get on medication, but I told her that I wanted to try a natural approach. I did a little self-research on the type of foods to help me and voila' over time it was done!

If you are experiencing any type of ailment or just want to maintain/improve your health, I highly suggest changing some(or all) of the ways you eat. Everyone's body is different, and there isn't one diet that fits all. I mostly share about plant-based lifestyle foods, but also I express listening to your body.

I want to give you a challenge!! If you aren't plant-based already, try one day in which you have a green smoothie or have a meat-less day!! I know, you may not know where to start! No worries, I've got you covered. Join the next challenge to get a full 14-day meal plan and grocery list for the Healthy Self-challenge beginning on August 1st! Oh and did I mention that it's beginner and budget-friendly!?

Let's Relax.Connect.Elevate


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