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In loving memory of Crystal McFadden

Last week I was hurting bad... so bad that I called my auntie snot crying about all the pain I was in. Which anyone who knows me knows I don't complain, I don't really take meds I just try to press through it...but on this particular day I had had enough!!! So my Auntie who lives out of town says let me call someone who can get to you in Atlanta. Next thing you know Lauren Danielle is at my house with copper singing bowls!!! Did I tell you I was still on the phone crying with my auntie??? Okay so bet. I get off the phone, take a shower, lay on the massage chair, she puts bowls over my body and honey the rest is history!! What pain???? I couldn't make this stuff up!!! A week later I'm still in amazement of what occurred in my own living room!!! The vibrations took the pain out of my body!!!! Like, when she left I was soooooooo Zen!!!! Slept like a baby!!! Pain gone!!! I am so grateful for my auntie exposing me to something new and I am so thankful to Lauren for doing what it is that you do!!!


A Journey toWell-being


My life at the time was leading me down a path to a deep depression. I was highly stressed, overweight, and experienced excessive hair loss, etc.  I finally made a DECISION. I had to do something. I had to save myself.  Yoga was the kick starter of my journey which led me to a variety of healing modalities. Meet the woman that has been born because of that one DECISION: Healer-Investor Lauren Danielle.

SOulDIVINE is the #1 mobile holistic wellness brand is dedicated to supporting others in their journey to well-being: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. We offer a variety of modalities such as Yoga, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Reiki, Women's Wellness, Detox Therapy, Hula-Healing Fitness and so much more!

We are dedicated to supporting you to Relax.Connect.Elevate.

Cheers to your journey to being rooted in Wealth.

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Virtual Wellness


Never underestimate the power of sacred healing medicine. All of our services are able to be offered virtually. Our virtual Chakra Balance and Sound Meditation is our most requested virtual experience!


Be rooted experience

.The BeRooted Experience is a private AirBNB 6 hour Healing and Uplifting experience for hosts and their family and/or friends You can choose from a variety of wellness services: Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation, Waistbead creation, Yoni steaming, Hula Healing Fitness(Hula Hooping), and so much more.
Virtual Experience Available. 



Need waistbeads?  Collapsible hula-hoop?​ Beginner & Budget friendly detox plan?

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