A Journey toWellbeing

A 21-day guide to mind-body-spirit health

Many people ask me how did I get to the person I am today. It wasn’t simple
or easy. People tend to think enlightenment is peaceful and tranquil, but it could
also be the most difficult life change you face. In this 21-day guide, I’ve included
tools that helped me along my journey.

Start your journey to well-being now.


Sound Therapy

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egyptian&Kemetic yoga

Begin a practice that will align your mind, body, and spirit.


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Tranquil Testaments..

During this hour experience I was so relaxed. For me it was being in a meditative state! The ambiance itself was cathartic....mind, body, hands, and sounds! The authenticity of Lauren's spirit makes the difference!"


—  Julia, South Carolina

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