SOulDivine Tribe is a community SO divinely inspired to empower women to own their voices! The experiences of life can quiet the inner voice(intuition) bringing forth a re-awakening to make the voice...stronger and beautifully heard! This is a SAFE space for women to share their experiences and discover their voice!

We have SOulDIVINE tribe bracelets! Each bracelet comes with three charms remining.

-Heart- Embrace YOUR TRUTH

-Feather: Soar High in YOUR TRUTH

-Star-Shine bright in YOUR TRUTH

Reminder us that we are apart of a tribe of women to own their voices and speak their truths no matter what!

ONE TIME FEE: $50 (shipping included)
What's included:
SOulDivine bracelet with ALL charms
-Group access and sistar-hood
-Weekly motivational updates
-5% off Creations and merchandise
-$5 off any service or workshop
-$1 off feminine health care products

Goddess, It's time to get your voice back! Join Us!