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Change is good!

Peace & Love Warrior!

2019 I was extremely ill for 1.5 years, newly divorced, and a new stressed-out full-time entrepreneur. June of 2018, I had a procedure done to remove some of the mercury fillings from my teeth, and prior to I was experiencing slight #thyroid imbalances. During that time span, I had suicidal thoughts, extremely low energy, constant dizziness, and so much more. On the outside, you would've never known.

Here's a picture of me during that time.

NO ONE could give me the answers to what was going on with me. Yes, not even the doctors. What I discovered later is that your teeth are connected to various organs in your body. I had over five mercury removed so I literally shook some ish' up lol. The procedure was done safely and effectively so honestly I just had an adverse effect because I'm naturally sensitive and it was just something I HAD TO GO THROUGH.

I needed CHANGE though. My life force was literally being drained from me from my current circumstances with people, places, things, and ideas that no longer served me. October 2019, My spirit called me to do a #FAITH MOVE to #ATLANTA! I said to myself...there you will find good energy, reciprocity, abundance, everything that you have been lacking for the last 10 months. Sure I was nervous, but I felt the fear and did it anyway! Literally 2 WEEKS after my move, I began to feel much better!!

Are you going through a time in your life in which you need a change in your environment? Your environment is what surrounds you. Your environment can be people, places, things, ideas, thoughts, etc. Take an observation of your environment. What can you do right now to change your life?! You don't necessarily have to move as I did, but you can create boundaries for sure!

In my book A Journey to Well-being, I speak about stepping out of your #comfort zone. Your #MIND is the first thing you have to convince.

Maybe joining a group of people that are seeking change in this season may be good for you. I would love to invite you to the HealThy Self 14-day challenge. We will be doing simple, quick, and effective wellness techniques to help you in your #transformation journey.

Thank you for reading. Please forward this share with others that are looking for change! Peace, love, and vibes SOulDIVINE, Lauren Danielle

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